the Barrister Advantage

Barrister provides a single point, performance-based IT service and support solution for our clients throughout the world. Our Clients and Partners leverage our Multi-Vendor support capabilities to streamline their IT Service and Support requirements.

The Barrister Advantage
Multi-Vendor IT Services

Whatever your client, server, hardware challenge, Barrister Global Services Network delivers the services you need to ensure your hardware systems are available to conduct business, perform transactions and collaborate with customers and partners.

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Our Technologies
Servers and peripherals POS terminals
Data storage systems Flatscreens/monitors
Desktop printers Scanners
Network appliances Receipt printers
Hubs, switches and routers In-store processors
Legacy systems Kiosks
Our Technologies
We serve customers in commercial and consumer markets through direct and indirect channels and manage over 15,000 certified technicians located throughout North America. We get the right technical skill and the right part to the location at the right time for fast and predictable problem resolution for our customer’s hardware challenges.
Our Solutions
Government Services
Barrister provides peace of mind to our Government Clients by delivering consistent, efficient and secure support for their IT service needs.
Government Services
Call Center
In Bound Point of Contact
Using this approach we simply provide a single point of contact for your callers. We take the incoming call, log it and simply escalate it to your internal Tech Support Team. The call is dispersed to your in-house Technicians according to pre-selected criteria, i.e. printer support, pc support, software support etc.

Top Five Issues
Using this approach we resolve many of your in-bound Tech Support issues by addressing the top 5 issues, i.e. Logins, Passwords, Reboot, Driver Installs etc. which you identify for us. We formulate a plan with you that helps deliver quality service and resolution to most of your common issues. All other calls would be escalated to our internal Tech Support Team according to a process that you pre-define.

Full Support
Using this approach we handle every aspect of the inbound call for Tech Support including Triage, Diagnosis, Troubleshooting and Parts Determination where feasible. We then return any unresolved issues to your Tech Support Team for resolution with a complete analysis of the attempts at resolution. Alternatively, we can also dispatch our Nationwide network of technicians for Desk side support and resolution. You choose the level of control and depth of expertise you want us to provide for your team or your customers. Customizable support is also available. Please ask your representative for specifics and details.

 Call Center Pricing Factors:    

Monthly In-bound call volume                  
The Price-per-call will decrease as with an increase in your call volume. The greater the number of in-bound calls on a monthly basis the lower the per-call basis will be. The first month’s call volume can be estimated and each following month will be billed on the previous month’s actual usage.

Hours of Call Center Coverage
The Hours of Call Center Coverage are typically 9 hours per day, 5 days per week (Monday – Friday). Your needs may vary. We can offer 24x7 support if that is what you require. We can customize the Call Center Coverage times to accommodate your specific requirements. Just let us know when you need us to catch the call and we will build you a solution that fits your specific needs.

Level of Service Provided
The level of support to be provided will be directed by you and the needs of your team or your customers. To help you identify which of the three Basic Levels of Support would be best for you, please consider the following questions:

Software Application Support
Do you know which software applications you need support for?
Are they “Off-The-Shelf” programs or are they Customized programs Designed specifically for you and your company?

 Hardware Triage
What types of hardware are you seeking support for? Any custom or white boxes that need support? Will you want us to dispatch our Technician if the problem can not be resolved remotely? Do you have a pre determined escalation path for your calls? Will any of the calls be warranty related?

Network Connectivity Support
Do you need desktop user connectivity support? Do you want to include printer support in the network? Do you want to include server support?

User Administration
Do you need user ids created and/or mailboxes created? Do you need help re-setting passwords? Do you need help with accessibility?

Diagnosis and Repair via Remote Control
Are you looking to provide permission-based remote access of the user’s PC? Do you want us to be able to access the PC and control the resolution remotely from our Tech Support Center?

Call Specific Requirements
What are your requests for average hold time, average time to answer, average length of call? Do you want a customer satisfaction survey conducted at the end of each month? What kind of reports do you require? How frequently do you need the reports?

Customized Levels of Service
Will you require foreign language support capabilities for your incoming calls? Would you like “roll-over” support to back-up your in-house efforts during peak times or off hours? Are you seeking support for Proprietary or Customized Software Applications? Will you require email-responses as well as in-bound telephone support? Do you require any type of Specialized Reporting? Do you require a dedicated toll free number? Do you need the calls answered with a specific Identifying script?