the Barrister Advantage

Barrister provides a single point, performance-based IT service and support solution for our clients throughout the world. Our Clients and Partners leverage our Multi-Vendor support capabilities to streamline their IT Service and Support requirements.

The Barrister Advantage
Multi-Vendor IT Services

Whatever your client, server, hardware challenge, Barrister Global Services Network delivers the services you need to ensure your hardware systems are available to conduct business, perform transactions and collaborate with customers and partners.

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Our Technologies
Servers and peripherals POS terminals
Data storage systems Flatscreens/monitors
Desktop printers Scanners
Network appliances Receipt printers
Hubs, switches and routers In-store processors
Legacy systems Kiosks
Our Technologies
We serve customers in commercial and consumer markets through direct and indirect channels and manage over 15,000 certified technicians located throughout North America. We get the right technical skill and the right part to the location at the right time for fast and predictable problem resolution for our customer’s hardware challenges.
Our Solutions
Government Services
Barrister provides peace of mind to our Government Clients by delivering consistent, efficient and secure support for their IT service needs.
Government Services
IT Lifecycle
Barrister understands the requirements for coordinating, engaging and managing the lifecycle of your IT assets. Proven procedures and a thorough knowledge of industry best practices allow Barrister to truly be your single point of contact for IT Lifecycle Services.

Project management processes are designed to ensure thorough site surveys, preparation, deployment, staging, assembly, networking and integration, configuration and testing. We complete the educational technology refresh by supporting end-of-life equipment decisions from de-installation, to refurbishment, to parting out and ultimately, to total destruction in accordance with green initiatives and all governmental requirements.

Support services during the useful life - providing support for your IT Assets during their useful duty cycle is key to eliminating wasteful spending and maximizing the true value or information technology assets. Reducing business and administrative interruptions provides a work force singularly focused on competiveness and return on investment. Competent, efficient onsite service and repair of IT equipment requires making fast and accurate decisions and combining the right parts and skill sets for onsite resolutions. From remote diagnostics to onsite repair, Barrister leads the way in extending IT Lifecycles.

Barrister Advantage