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Barrister provides a single point, performance-based IT service and support solution for our clients throughout the world. Our Clients and Partners leverage our Multi-Vendor support capabilities to streamline their IT Service and Support requirements.

The Barrister Advantage
Multi-Vendor IT Services

Whatever your client, server, hardware challenge, Barrister Global Services Network delivers the services you need to ensure your hardware systems are available to conduct business, perform transactions and collaborate with customers and partners.

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Our Technologies
We serve customers in commercial and consumer markets through direct and indirect channels and manage over 15,000 certified technicians located throughout North America. We get the right technical skill and the right part to the location at the right time for fast and predictable problem resolution for our customer’s hardware challenges.
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Barrister provides peace of mind to our Government Clients by delivering consistent, efficient and secure support for their IT service needs.
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What We Learned From Katrina
August 29th, 2005 changed Barrister forever.

Hurricane Katrina was the costliest hurricane in the history of the U.S. It was also one of the five deadliest hurricanes in U.S. History.

Hurricane Katrina formed over the Bahamas on August 23, 2005 and made a slow and deadly track across south Florida, into the Gulf of Mexico and ultimately making its final landfall in southeast Louisiana. Katrina left a path of severe destruction along the Gulf Coast from Texas to Central Florida. The most severe loss of life occurred in New Orleans, Louisiana, which flooded as the levee system catastrophically failed.

In the aftermath of Katrina nearly 80% of the city was flooded. Floodwaters lingered in some areas for weeks. Property damage occurred on a scale that had never been imagined. The tragedy took its toll and claimed the lives of at least 1,836 people.

The total damage from Katrina was over $81 billion dollars.

Barrister was not spared by Katrina's wrath. We took a direct hit to our corporate facilities. Remarkably, Barrister was able to relocate and within one week, we were back in full operations.
We lost business and employees as a result of Katrina, but we did not lose our vision.

We took the lessons of Katrina and committed to rebuilding Barrister better than it was before. Some of our partners stuck with us through the re-birth. Others abandoned us, but our determination was undaunted.

Starting with a clean slate we drove processes and procedures to their ultimate potential. As a result, Barrister has identified 10 key areas where we have improved:

1 - Better Employee Training. When we examined our business, we felt we were severely lacking in the education we gave our employees, new and old, on our systems and processes. Since our business is driven on our processes, this left a huge gap in our service delivery. Since then, we have completely documented our service delivery process, and ensure that every employee attends a minimum of quarterly training to understand the work that needs to be done, and how we do it.

2 - Customer Service Training. Through agreements with leading industry organizations, Barrister has provided customer service training to each employee. Compensation and advancement are based on these training classes, providing each employee with a clear guidance of where our company is focused. This training begins with basic conversation skills, and continues through escalation management and turning a bad experience to a good experience.

3 - Strengthened Role, of Client Relationship Specialist. In our model, this agent is the single POC for Barrister to our customers. We have added specific customer service training requirements to this position, as well as reinforcing our strategy of proactive communication. This resulted in us being able to "head off" some client issues.

4 - Increased the Power of the CRS. The CRS is now the single person responsible for SLA attainment and service delivery to our client. This agent has full authority to make any changes necessary to ensure the technician service needed is completed as expected. If an engineer is not prepared to go to the site, CRS can have him reassigned. If a client is upset about service, she will gather the people responsible and assist in resolving the issues. This agent is critical to our improvement.

5 - Higher Quality Service Providers. Barrister has overhauled the individual engineers that we utilize to service our clients. Each engineer is screened for technical capability as well as customer service skills, and extensive recruiting campaigns were performed in many markets. This search has resulted in a much more qualified service base that delivers higher quality service to our customers.

6 - Better Qualification. Of engineers at the service call level. We now are screening engineers at time of entry into the system, as well as at each service engagement. Our dispatchers are ensuring when a service call is assigned, the engineer is capable of working on the equipment in question and has no concerns about his/her ability to repair it.

7 - Technical Support. Barrister has spent a great deal of effort in re-training and qualifying our agents on the helpdesk. These guys work with end users and engineers alike to make sure service events are solved quickly. For the clients, professionals are able to remote troubleshoot before a dispatch to increase chances of a first trip fix. For our on-site technicians, they are able to provide assistance on special problems or errors that an engineer may not have seen before.

8 - Level 3 Support. We now have agreements with leading OEM's that allow us to leverage their support desk for resolution on escalated problems. This support is accessed by our engineers through our Helpdesk, giving each agent onsite the ability to act as an OEM technician.

9 - Telephony Systems. Barrister has spent over $200,000 upgrading its telephone infrastructure. On top of new phones, we have added a custom IVR system in addition to new ACD hardware. The new IVR system assists us in dispatching service calls, reminding engineers of appointment, and completing the back-end requirements for service events. Our new ACD allows customers to be placed into separate queues based on priorities, as well as complete branding for all customers as needed.

10 - Call Management System. Barrister has implemented a state of the art call management system. This system takes much of the human error potential out of service calls, and replaces it with technology. Items such as call follow ups, technician scheduling and service triggers can be set up to ensure that customers are being serviced the way they should. In addition, based on its SQL Backend, an almost limitless amount of reports may be run, giving management and our customers a very easy snapshot into the service we are providing.

Each of these items have contributed to our new found success. However, this is not enough. We truly believe the key to staying competitive is continual process improvement. Our management staff meets weekly to discuss potential challenges and solutions are identified. This staff is critical in Barrister's ability to service its clients the way they deserve and at the level they set forth.

Despite Katrina's efforts to knock us out - she was only able to knock us down. Barrister is back and better than ever. We took history's bitter lesson and turned it into an opportunity for growth and change and improvement. We thank our loyal employees and our faithful clients for their dedication and patience. Barrister is committed to delivering world class service and our pursuit of that excellence remains undeterred.
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