the Barrister Advantage

Barrister provides a single point, performance-based IT service and support solution for our clients throughout the world. Our Clients and Partners leverage our Multi-Vendor support capabilities to streamline their IT Service and Support requirements.

The Barrister Advantage
Multi-Vendor IT Services

Whatever your client, server, hardware challenge, Barrister Global Services Network delivers the services you need to ensure your hardware systems are available to conduct business, perform transactions and collaborate with customers and partners.

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Our Technologies
Servers and peripherals POS terminals
Data storage systems Flatscreens/monitors
Desktop printers Scanners
Network appliances Receipt printers
Hubs, switches and routers In-store processors
Legacy systems Kiosks
Our Technologies
We serve customers in commercial and consumer markets through direct and indirect channels and manage over 15,000 certified technicians located throughout North America. We get the right technical skill and the right part to the location at the right time for fast and predictable problem resolution for our customer’s hardware challenges.
Our Solutions
Government Services
Barrister provides peace of mind to our Government Clients by delivering consistent, efficient and secure support for their IT service needs.
Government Services

Barrister Made IT Easy.

One of the biggest concerns many of our prospective clients have is being confident the Service Level Agreements are being met and the attention to detail we promise is actually delivered.

We are proud of the systems and processes we have in place and we want you to see for yourself just how effectively our service events are handled. Our proprietary online web tool, CustWA (Customer Web Access), provides you real-time updates for every service ticket you place.

CustWA provides you with email notifications at every phase of the service event. From confirmation the ticket has been opened, to the technician being assigned, to the estimated time of arrival all the way through the technician arriving on site, the repair completed and end-user confirmation the equipment is operational.

CustWA lets you look over our shoulder as we do the work of getting your service ticket resolved. Of course not everyone wants to be emailed every single time the service event is advanced. Our flexibility lets you customize the amount and frequency of updates you receive. If you just want to know when a ticket is opened and when it is closed, we can set that up for you. We will send you the closing notes for every ticket. The closing notes show in detail the problem that was diagnosed, the work that was performed, the parts that were used and the status of the completed repair. We even include the point of contacts confirmation that the equipment has been serviced.

Barrister took CustWA once step further. We made it interactive. If a change in the schedule occurs for the end user and they are not able to keep a confirmed appointments they can simply enter a note into CustWA and we are automatically notified. It is as easy as that. We designed CustWA to be a reporting and accounting tool, not just a service request platform. Barrister knows you want to feel confident your service requests are being handled with every attention to detail. We have built CustWA to provide that assurance. We invite you to pull up a monitor and look over our shoulder. We think you’ll be thrilled with what you see.
Barrister Advantage