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Company History


Company History

Barrister Global Services Network (Barrister) is an IT lifecycle Management Company headquartered in Hammond, LA.

Barrister was incorporated as Barrister Information Systems in 1976 and went public in 1985.

During the early 1980s, Barrister manufactured marketed and serviced integrated mini-computer systems for the legal profession, growing its business to more than 1,000 law firm customers.

To support this, Barrister established a North American field service operation to offer highly responsive and quality maintenance services to its customers.

1980s and 1990s

During the 1980s and 1990s, Barrister focused on software development for the legal profession and computer maintenance services.

Services were extended beyond the legal profession to include non-proprietary computer products.

Partnerships were established major OEMs such as IBM, HP, Compaq and others to deliver warranty services to their customers.

An indirect channel network was also established through partnerships with service companies, computer system resellers and distributors to deliver warranty and non-warranty maintenance services to their customers.

At the same time, Barrister also expanded the reach of its own technician base through an emerging network of service partners and in 1999, took an early industry lead with the introduction of the Web Services Manager, an innovative system enabling web-based service call management.


Since 2000, Barrister has focused solely on computer services. The Company divested its successful legal software business and adopted its current name – Barrister Global Services Network, Inc.


In July 2002, Barrister acquired Advantage Innovation, Inc. of New Orleans, LA, one of the fastest growing technical services companies serving commercial and consumer market.

Through this acquisition, Barrister extended its service reach to the home, while expanding its ability to install and service new equipment such as kiosk systems and plasma monitors.  At the end of 2002, Barrister also relocated its corporate headquarters to the New Orleans area.


In December 2003, Barrister went private and became the oldest and largest woman-owned computer services company within the United States, opening up many new exciting opportunities to significantly grow the Company.


In October 2007, Barrister moved its corporate headquarters to a brand new, 80,000 sf facility in Hammond, LA.  This facility was built by Barrister to substantiate the company’s growing presence in the depot, advanced exchange and reverse logistics industries coupled with its current presence as a call center and service management.  This facility was built for growth with the ability to accommodate the quick implementation times many customers look for in the IT industry.

This facility serves as the main facility for Barrister.  All of the services delivered by Barrister and its employees are managed out of this facility, giving the centralized control required to customize services to a customer’s needs.  

To support this centralized management, Barrister has field engineers located throughout the United States.


In July 2012, Barrister opened an additional office location in Las Vegas, NV, which serves as our back up facility.  This office also has additional Technical Support Agents and Service Delivery resources.

Barrister has about 150 employees spread between the Hammond and Las Vegas office locations.

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