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IT Lifecycle Services
IT services, Imaging, Warehousing, Installation, Hardware Break/Fix, De-Installation.
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Deployment Services Equipment Repair Services

Deployment Services

These services include receipt, imaging, staging, configuration, shipping, installation, data migration, de-installation, data wipe, and disposal services.

These IT services can be flexed up and down based on a customer’s need.

These services are managed by our Project Management Office.

Utilizing our corporate facility Barrister is able to make a cost efficient shift of some services away from the customer site to a central location.

This facility typically houses all receipt, imaging, configuration, and shipping services that we perform as part of our deployment services.


By performing these IT services at our central facility, we provide a significant cost savings to a customer over onsite work.

We provide visibility to any cosigned inventory real time via our CustWA web tool which gives our customers the control they need to manage their inventory.

In addition, Barrister will also leverage our long term relationships with the OEM’s on behalf of the customer to integrate a variety of equipment manufacturers into one “kit”, shipping only what is needed to the customer site.

Regardless of the IT services chosen, the piece that makes the Barrister service different is our project management.


Regardless of the size of the install or the amount of services required, we practice our PMP guided project delivery model for every customer.

Detailed project plans are developed with or without the customer’s input during implementation, custom work instructions are created and shared with each engineer, and detailed completion documents are provided for customer signature to ensure completion.


In addition, we typically will suggest a daily/weekly (depending on the speed) check-in meeting with the applicable parties to keep items on track, and to immediately be able to advise and solve any item that is causing issues.

This proactive management of the IT services ensures not only that the equipment is deployed effectively, but the customer receives a true service throughout the entire experience.

Equipment Repair Services

These IT services include onsite, advanced exchange and depot repair of desktops, laptops, servers, printers, and POS equipment.

Like our deployment services, we are able to customize these IT services based on a customer’s need and equipment criticality. IT Services can be combined or stand alone, allowing each solution to be customized for the customer’s need.

For our onsite services, Barrister offers a wide variety of coverage and priority levels depending on the customer desire.

Our service options include anything as basic as 9 to 5 local time, or could be as demanding as 24×7 availability, while our priorities offer standard Next Business Response service, or as sensitive as a 4 hour repair requirement.


The coverage and priority levels can be customized based on the customer needs, and is managed by our service management system to inform each of our employees the proper entitlement for the customer.


For whole unit swap and units requiring board level repair, Barrister offers our advanced exchange services. 

These IT services allow a customer to report a failure with a device, and have us ship them a replacement unit the same day for delivery on the next day.

We then take back the old unit, repair at our facility, and return the device into our stock for the next failure.


This service can be provided with customer provided or Barrister provided seed stock, as well as multiple shipping options for upgraded service.

This model is typically used with networking equipment and/or POS equipment that require quick resolution, but are not easily repaired onsite.

To accommodate special repairs or customers that are a bit more cost conscious, Barrister also offers our depot repair services. 


These IT services are provided at our corporate facility by certified engineers who have a minimum of 5 years experience on each of the products they service.

Like onsite, this service also has priority times associated with it.

Our basic service would be a 7 day turnaround, where the customer would ship there unit into our facility, we would repair it on the bench, and return to then within 7 working days.

This service is also available in 5 day and 3 day varieties.


Like our deployment services, the key to this service is our ability to manage it as a service for our customers.

Each client receives a dedicated Client Relationship Specialist at time of implementation, and this team member is responsible for ensuring the customer is satisfied with the service we deliver.

He/She is constantly communicating with the various departments inside of Barrister and the engineer to validate service is being delivered.


The CRS also serves as the sole liaison between Barrister and the customer for any updates or any questions the customer may have about the service event.

Using our documented processes, this team member is able to deliver repeatable and consistent service across the United States.

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